Milwaukee Talks: DJ and author Obie Yadgar
By Bobby Tanzilo, Managing Editor
Published Sept. 17, 2007 at 5:24 a.m.

Obie Yadgar was long a stalwart in Milwaukee radio and long-time fans of public radio as well as jazz and classical programming will remember his easily-recognizable name and voice.

Although he's no longer riding the airwaves, Yadgar has not stopped working. After publishing his first novel in 2005, Yadgar returns with a new book. "Obie's Opus" is a collection of classical music anecdotes that have entertained his radio audiences over the years, mixed with some of his own radio memories. [Read the full article!]

From the Shepherd-Express
Obie's Opus (AuthorHouse) by Obie Yadgar.
by David Luhrssen , May 03, 2007

Giants were on Milwaukee’s commercial radio in the 1970s, knowledgeable and engaging personalities in their fields of music—Bob Reitman (rock), Ron Cuzner (jazz) and Obie Yadgar (the classics). Reitman has returned with a show on public station WUWM, Cuzner is dead and Yadgar has been pursuing a second career in writing. Obie’s Opus collects many of the stories and anecdotes he used to spin on WFMR, illuminating the recordings he played with his insights. Yadgar always had an ear for humor and an eye to find the humanity behind the great composers. “People couldn’t understand why he [J.S. Bach] had taken a certain young lady into the choir loft,” Yadgar recounts. “She’s my cousin, Bach explained, and I was showing her my organ." [Read the full article!]

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