As an Assyrian growing up in Tehran, Iran, Obie (Obelit) Yadgar would often observe his great uncle, the renowned Assyrian writer and historian Benjamin Arsanis, hunched over a table under a tree in the yard, pencil in hand, always writing. Years later Obie discovered that, like his Uncle Benjamin, he best saw life through the eyes of a writer.

It was at Senn High School in Chicago, in his junior year and barely able to speak English, that he told himself someday he would become a novelist. He has spent many years on this road, but he is finally there. He has become a novelist with "Will's Music,"” available through Authorhouse (To order, click on the book cover on the home page, or click the 'buy book' button.).

After a tour of duty in Vietnam as a U.S. Army combat correspondent, he drifted into radio. Obie’s love for radio goes back to his childhood, when he would spend hours listening to shortwave. Since he had always loved sharing his love of music with others, music radio seemed a natural route for him to take. He started as a jazz deejay in San Diego, worked in upstate New York in adult contemporary, then St. Louis in jazz, big bands and classical, and finally in Milwaukee and Chicago in classical.

During the radio days he continued to write, mostly for magazines and newspapers around Milwaukee. He has published two short stories in little magazines, but Obie’s first love always remained the novel. "Will's Music" is his first novel. There is more to come.

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