Agua Lavanda Puig Cologne

I have used Agua Lavanda Puig cologne at various times throughout the years and always found it pleasing. The cologne, produced by the Spanish house of Puig, has the refreshing fragrance of lavender with notes of clean and delightful soap and powder. It is quite masculine. Apparently Agua Lavanda Puig cologne was one of Frank Sinatra's favorites. A lighter version of Agua Lavanda Puig comes in a big plastic bottle and is used as an after bath body splash. That, too, is quite pleasant and refreshing.


If you like a light and refreshing cologne with notes of dry lavender, soap and powder, something that is pleasant all day and throughout the year, you might like Agua Lavanda Puig. The fragrance has an average life span, which is a good reason to apply it several times during the day to pamper the senses.


Obie Yadgar







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