To My Infant Grandson

May you blossom into a gentleman with a keen intellect and a kind heart;

and know profound love;

and accept people for what they are without passing judgement on them;

and read good books and listen to good music;

and write good sentences;

and love good food and good wine — and an occasional cognac and cigar.

Someday, a long time from now, my straight razors will be yours. Treat them as friend, and with respect. Take time to master the art of straight razor shaving.

And before I forget, may yours be a light beard and grow in one direction.

Your loving grandfather,

— Poppy

Ah, Obie, I had almost forgotten how eloquently you write... If your grandson grows up with character like yours, he may just deserve those wonderful blades.



Hello, Jeremy:

Bless your heart for the kind words. Yes, my grandson is adorable. Whenever he comes over, I take him to the bathroom and have him smell my aftershaves. Then I point to the straight razors, soaps and brushes, identifying each to him. Hey, I have to start him early to shave like a gentlemen when the time comes.



As always, your words are eloquent and wise, Obie.


Warm regards,



Hello, Larry:

How kind you are, sir. Thank you.



Those, by Jove, are the words of a loving, doting grandfather.  All grandsons should have such.

More than merely loving and/or sentimental, they're FINE advice.  Good food, good music, good wine and a good cigar, appended to a young man who writes good sentences and lives in his own world without passing judgment on others' are the essential making of man who will walk the earth with a steady stride.

Well said!

How good of you to write. Thanks for the kind remarks. Yes, he is a sweetheart, that little boy. I know we will be the best of friends, too.



How sweet, made me tear!!!  Looks great dad!



My dearest Sonja:

You are sweet and precious yourself.

Love always,


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