Roomrama: Assyrian National Anthem — Issabey/Yosip

     Nebu Issabey, the Assyrian violinist and conductor, composed the Assyrian National Anthem "Roomrama" to lyrics by the Assyrian poet and activist Yosip Bet Yosip. The American composer John Craton arranged it for orchestra. "Roomrama" is a tender and heartfelt musical signature of the long and bittersweet journey of the Assyrians since the fall of the Assyrian empire in 612 B.C. "I hear a love of country and of one's homeland," says Craton, "a desire to never let the past glories of a nation fade away."

     As an Assyrian listening to "Roomrama," I nod and say that I will never forget who I am and where I come from.

— Obelit Yadgar 

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